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In so called meantime:“Manchester University is facing growing protests after caving in to Zionist pressure and forcing students organising a speaking tour by Professor Norman Finkelstein to move his planned lecture off campus.”
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hola me llamo daniel y tngo once años y soii un pibe consentidos jaja bueno estuvo rre copado el programa hoy el primer dia q emozion no aguantaba mas para que empieze ocea y luna esta rrrrre linda jajaj suerte con el plan de los chicos juro que se van a escapar si es q victoria los deja :p ustds pueden ajaj bueno nada soii fans de consentidos todos los dias de lunes a viernes a las 5:30 mirenlo!! ? no se lo pierdan porq es lo mas bss.. AgUaNtE cOn SeNtIdO!!?
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Thank you for the delightful pictures and sharing your sweet daughter with us, we sure miss you all and just Praise The Lord for His Blessings on your Church already and know He is going to do a Blessed Work to further His Kingdom. Love to you all, Sir John and Ma’m Connie
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It's game on. With this letter, it gives Judge Mahili confidence to file Contempt of Court againt Defendent Barack Hussein Obama. Brian Kemp has just now given full authority letting Mahili know that it his discretion to do as he pleases to a defendent who has baltantly disrespected his courtroom and judicial order.
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I can’t believe Carino called me a bloviatah–that’s not much love from a fellow paisan. I still don’t undehstand, Carino, why you have a blog devoted to basketball all year. Don’t you know basketball only mattahs from around March 16 to April 5? That’s the only time I follow it.Uhhhh, Eddie, look up how many hits Carino gets with that blog of his. . . Heeeere’s the Mink Man.
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